About LudiqueWorks

About  Us

We are a Video Game Publishing Company that seeks to change the way people play in Africa while offering an avenue for people to tell unique African stories. We are the fastest growing game publisher, aggregating game developer studios and gaming communities in 30 African countries. We aim to lead the Video Game industry in Africa and lead the continent in telling of our stories through interactive media to the rest of the world.

Our approach for this market has been three-fold:

• Invest in existing game studios, while nurturing new ones through incubation, development and platform support to penetrate larger market segments
• Build and grow gaming communities in cities in Africa, while aggregating a network of gaming studios across the continent
• Build strong multi-country partnerships

Our success will be built on strong collaborations with local and global partners, as well as a shared dedication of great people whose sense of mutual respect and teamwork drives our performance.

Our Vision

LudiqueWorks vision is to inspire generations of young and new gamers across the continent. Our mission is to build, invest in and publish globally bench marked games from Africa. We’re doing this by aggregating hundreds of independent game developers, and building and activating pan-African gaming communities.

Our Targets


Game Developers

Activated Users

Trained Game Developers

Our  Business Model

We have been investing in nascent game development studios and independent game developers to create world class games as we grow towards being Africa’s largest game publishing company. To achieve this, we will leverage on our existing community spanning across Africa starting with Media and E-Sports. We will also partner with universities to create programmes geared towards Game Development and all the activities under it.

• Game design
• Game development
• Global partnerships
• Marketing distribution & advertising

• Animation
• News
• Reviews
• Video Production
• Music production

• Online streaming
• Content production
• Leagues
• Championships

• Trainings
• Workshops
• Certifications
• Partnerships