Our Team

Our Team

Our Fantastic Team

Nathan Masyuko

Co-Founder & CEO

Nathan is a Co-Founder and CEO at LudiqueWorks. He is an award-winning mobile game producer who has co-founded two companies in software & game development in Kenya. Nathan’s company NexGen was the pioneer in international esports in Kenya. He consults widely with various corporate & small businesses on technology, gaming & events, both within the region & internationally. Nathan’s profound passion & work has taken him across the globe as an evangelist for gaming in Africa.

Douglas Ogeto

Co-Founder & CMO

Douglas is a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at LudiqueWorks. He co-founded 4 startups in Game Development, Education, Advisory & Branding. He has consulted for, set up, and ran entrepreneurship programs in East and West Africa. He has also built the largest community of game developers in Africa. His work has taken him to Switzerland, Finland, Thailand, Germany, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda.

Wilmot Allen

Strategic Advisor

Wilmot is the Founder of VentureLift Africa – a crowdsourcing and advisory firm that helps SMEs scale. He is also a Venture Partner with RH Managers private equity fund in Johannesburg. He previously served as Director of East Africa with CrossBoundary, leading transaction advisory. Prior, he worked with the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC in private equity and as a Senior Advisor to the CEO on entrepreneurship.  He has also worked as a venture capital investor, digital media and technology investment banker in Silicon Valley and in operational roles in media and entertainment in Hollywood (Walt Disney/ABC TV and PBS).

Samali Kirika

Business Advisor

Samali is a Co-Founder at Black Citrus – a brand-business optimization firm. She has worked with over 50 brands, and handled executions for products in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Angola, and the U.S. She has also successfully helped over 20 entrepreneurs in varied sectors create and implement new business ideas and optimize their businesses for profitability. She was formally a Partner at Brand Integrated Consulting, and Creative Director in charge of the creative team at Slick Marketing

Stefan Lampinen

Strategic Advisor

Stefan is the Founder of Game Advisor – a leading Advisory and Business Intelligence firm in the games/esports /board games market.
He has created and executed worldwide strategies for major corporations at EA, Microsoft and Warner Bros. Stefan is engaged worldwide by small and large companies for his ability to generate ideas, connections and strategies that deliver extraordinary value. Stefan is also the co-founder of the Swedish Games Industry Association and received the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Nordic Games Industry in 2008.