Social Impact

Social  Impact

Over 60% of the population on the continent fall below the age of 25. For Africa to therefore reap the dividend from this demographic, young people need to be engaged and empowered. In addition, we believe that meaningful engagement of young people will allow the continent to achieve its SDG goals.

“Researchers say that playing games can bring together fundamental aspects of psychology, sociology and technology to engage people for social change. Games leverage elements of cooperation and competition for creative problem solving while sparking engagement. Games are also fun and grab hold of the public’s imagination.”
Knight Foundation

We believe strongly that games can influence people to learn, improve their communities, and contribute to making the world a better place. We use the medium of video games and esports to inspire youth to explore civic issues and learn 21st-century and STEM skills.

As a group, we are positioning the video game and esports industries to be a great economic driver for the African continent by creating jobs in a wide variety of professions and disciplines; we support the publishing and video game development sector where artists, musicians, programmers, marketers, accountants, lawyers and more come together to build companies that make great games.

We are heavily engaged in events across the continent where event organizers can make a living hosting esports events and tournaments. We are also working in the media industry and facilitating the creation of jobs from production teams that televise esports events, to news, reviews, documentaries & variety shows created to cover the video game and esports industries.

Finally, in the education sector, we are partnering with institutions of higher learning to build a robust infrastructure for talent development that can then be brought into the wider industry through the teaching of game design and development, the training of entrepreneurs in the field and the running of game design classes on impact games.

Our Vision

LudiqueWorks vision is to inspire generations of young and new gamers across the continent. Our mission is to build, invest in and publish globally bench marked games from Africa. We’re doing this by aggregating hundreds of independent game developers, and building and activating pan-African gaming communities.